Software design and modeling involves exploring almost all aspects of the problem domain, including technology, business, organization and social dynamics. The purpose of ‘Rich Models’ is to discuss software architecture, design, and modeling, along with the factors affecting it.

What to Expect?

  • Human-crafted knowledge, no AI-generated content1.

  • Articles around Modeling - mostly inspired by domain-driven design (DDD).

  • Articles on various aspects of software Design and Architecture.

  • Design and modeling Heuristics, Patterns, and Principles.

  • Insights about Social Elements in software design.

Frequency and Format

We aim to publish quality content regularly, at a maximum of 1 publication per week. Articles will be the main format of our publications, accompanied by book/article/talk recommendations and case studies.


Aside from artworks! Most of our artwork is created with AI tools.

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